Thank goodness this is shape of things to come

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With the newest craze on social media the so-called “Kylie Jenner Challenge,” which involves sucking a bottle cap until your lips are left red, plump and extremely large - just like Kylie’s - humanity is shown some hope, as the stereotypical “perfect” body image has been shattered by both models and social networkers. For years, men and women have dreamed of looking like the famous or like models from magazines. But now, thanks to the now trending “#LoveYourLines” the immaculate body image which has been created by the media for years is finally being broken.

Chrissy Teigen, wife of singer John Legend and international supermodel, recently posted a picture on Instagram sporting a tiny pair of shorts and showing off her bronzed legs. However, the focal point was not her pins, as the model captioned the photo: “Bruises from bumping into the kitchen drawer handles last week. Stretchies say hi!” The “stretchies”, which refer to the stretch marks marked at the top of her thighs, have started a worldwide trend, with beauty bloggers, models, mums and teens posting photos on Instagram and social media alike, declaring they “love their lines” and are embracing their “tiger stripes”. I believe this is a remarkable step forward in the way men and women view their bodies. By showing that models are not as perfect as the magazines portray them to be, Chrissy Teigen and woman across the world are showing that embracing your body and accepting yourself for who you are is simpler than it may seem. The airbrush image may not be completely broken, but the cracks are starting to show: the “perfect” body image the media has painted is starting to fade.