Text of the week: Youth Pastor John Rollo

'˜Thomas (nicknamed the Twin) said to his fellow disciples, 'Let's go, too - and die with Jesus.' (John 11:16 NLT)

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 3rd July 2016, 9:00 am

Imagine only ever being remembered for your biggest mistakes. In general that’s how most people would remember the disciple named Thomas, or ‘Doubting Thomas’ as he would often be referred to.

Thomas is famous for saying that he would only believe Jesus had risen from the dead if he saw the scars in His hands and feet.

As far as church history goes, Thomas travelled throughout the Roman empire and India and played a massive part in the spread of Christianity at that time, yet is mostly remembered for a moment of doubt.

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Many people live their lives marked by a moment of failure or mistake and often are reminded by of that one mistake. However, in the above verse Thomas makes an extreme yet incredible statement which shows his level of faith. There is a bigger picture to Thomas’ story. In Jesus we can find immeasurable grace and forgiveness from our past mistakes. A new chapter or verse can be written over our lives which reads ... ’Forgiven’.

Others may still see the mistake, but God sees the bigger picture and it’s his view that ultimately matters - Because of Jesus, there’s a new statement over our lives.