Text of the Week: Rev. Dr J. Mary Henderson

'˜Whoever comes to me I will never turn away.' (John 6:37)

Rev. Dr J. Mary Henderson
Rev. Dr J. Mary Henderson

“Anything that’s easy, anything that’s hard, everything that’s perfect, everything that’s scarred, just bring it all, bring it all to me.”

These words are from the most recent CD by the wonderful Fischy Music, which presents the gospel to young people – and adults – in a way that equips us to deal with the hard knocks that life can bring as well as the good times, without feeling somehow guilty or inadequate if we are not happy all the time, and if our faith wavers and changes over the


The album is based on the Psalms, which also enable us to bring everything we may be feeling and experiencing to a God who already knows and understands, because he made us and he loves us – not matter what. “Anything that rages, anything that screams, everything that wonders, everything that dreams...” yes, you’ve guessed, bring it all to God, and know that you will never – ever – be turned away.