Text of the Week with Helen Gordon

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“Could this be the Christ?”

(John ch. 4 v. 29)

It’s me again!

Thank you to those who recognised me from the last article and said that they had read it.

Recognition. When I was a child I had to walk nearly two miles each way to primary school.

In the mornings I used to cut through Kilbarchan public park into Gateside Place before arriving at the school gates. Often near Gateside Place I passed a man and a lady, both very nicely dressed and always carrying very large folders. I used to gauge my timing for school by where I actually met them.

About 45 years later I read in the Glasgow Herald that Mary Armour, a famous artist, was having an exhibition of her work in a Glasgow Gallery.

The article said she had lived in Gateside Place.

I thought “could this be that lady”? I attended the exhibition and discovered she was in fact part of that famous duo - William and Mary Armour. They had been on their way to Glasgow School of Art.

In John chapter 4, a Samaritan lady meets a “stranger” at a well.

By verse 29 of the chapter she says “could this man be the Christ”?

Is Jesus Christ a person who just passes by your life every day or do you know Him to be that really special person sent to bring God and humanity into harmony again?

Please recognise Him for who He is; don’t let Him remain a stranger.

Mrs Helen Gordon, Olivet Evangelical Church.