Text of the week: The Rev. Andrew Randall

The Rev. Andrew Randall
The Rev. Andrew Randall

‘The battle is the Lord’s’ (1 Samuel 17:47)

Those words were spoken by David to Goliath, just before he picked up a sling and put an end to him. It’s a great Bible story, but it’s far more than just a

story. It’s not in the Bible to teach us that the little guy can win if he tries hard enough. It’s not there to encourage us to be brave.

It’s not there so we can get kids to colour in nice pictures in Sunday School. The real lesson of the story is that God is always in control of everything, however much it might appear otherwise, and his people can always trust him. God’s people can sometimes feel as if they face a very great battle.

In our generation, life is increasingly hard for those who do what Christians everywhere ought to do, and still take their stand on the Word of God.

That’s why we need to remember that, however dark it might seem, and however outnumbered we might feel, the battle belongs to the Lord.

And if anyone can hold on to that truth, it’s those who know the Story of all stories – that after the darkest of all days, when Christ was killed and laid in a tomb, came the brightest of all mornings, when death itself was defeated forever.

All battles belong to the Lord.