Text of the Week: Rev. Louise McClements

Rev. Louise McClementsRev. Louise McClements
Rev. Louise McClements
'˜God created human beings, he created them godlike, reflecting God's nature.' (Genesis Ch1, v27)

In his latest book, ‘How to be here’, Rob Bell describes the blinking line, the cursor which blinks at the top left hand corner of a blank page. Bell describes how our blinking line is whatever sits in front of us waiting to be brought into existence. For many people the world is already created. It is a fixed, static reality, set in place, previously established, done and finished. But this usually leads to the question: ‘What’s the point of any of this?’ But when we are faced with the blinking line and we talk

about bringing something new into existence, we’re expressing a different view of the world, one in which the world is unfinished.

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God calls us to be co-creators with him in our unfinished world, to create beauty with our lives.

We may never be a Picasso or a Beethoven, a Beckham or a Pavarotti but no one else on the planet can create what we can in our own unique way.

And so the questions remain: What will you make of your life? What will you do with your energies?

What kind of world will you create?

Which leads to the penetrating question for each one of us: what will you do with your blinking line?

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