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Richard Gordon
Richard Gordon

‘The fear of the Lord – that is wisdom and to shun evil is understanding.’ (Job 28:28)

Recently I was reading the book of Job and concurrently the newspaper had lists of graduates of Scottish higher education establishments, who had acquired knowledge demonstrated by having passed examinations.

It made me wonder how a person acquires wisdom, rather than knowledge, because knowledge doesn’t make a person wise.

In 1 Chronicles 1, when Solomon became king of Israel, God said “Ask for whatever you want and I will give it to you.”

Solomon requested wisdom so as to govern the people well and God gave him his request.

Job says wisdom comes from fearing God, (that is having respect, reverence and awe of who He is) and that understanding comes from shunning evil. In Jesus Christ, who is God incarnate, God will reveal himself to us, when we are willing to look carefully.

Education is good and necessary but have you taken time to read the Bible. If not, start with the Gospels where each writer presents a different portrait of Jesus as – King, Servant, Son of Man and Son of God.

My prayer is that as you do so, you will receive wisdom.

Richard Gordon

(Olivet Evangelical Church)