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Rev. Andrew Sarle
Rev. Andrew Sarle

‘Lord, hear me begging for fairness. Listen to my cry for help.’ (Psalm 17 v1)

“But that’s not fair!” is an often heard cry in any family, isn’t it?

I’m told that my grandfather used to settle arguments between his twin daughters (my mother and aunt) by getting one to cut the cake and the other to get first choice.

It was his way to try to get them to be fair to each other. After all, if the cutter made one part much bigger than the other, then the chooser would likely take the larger bit. And if the pieces were close together in size, then the one give the choice might show grace by taking the slightly smaller one.

We all want to be treated fairly, but sometimes we are unwilling to be fair in our dealings with others.

Fairness can be something of a two-edged sword!

If, like the Psalmist, we are begging to be treated fairly, then we need to be willing to treat others in a fair manner.

Jesus taught us to pray, “Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.” If we are unwilling to forgive others, why should we expect to be forgiven?

It’s only fair, after all, isn’t it?

Rev. Andrew Sarle,

Locum Minister and OLM

Bainsford Parish Church