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The Holy Bible
The Holy Bible

“Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and

Every city or household divided against itself will not stand.” (Mat.12.25)

It was human wisdom that decided we should have a referendum, and human wisdom led us into a general election.

The consequence has resulted in a variety of feeling; confusion, uncertainty, mistrust, apathy and fear.

Division abounds! What are the priorities; Brexit or domestic issues, austerity or borrowing, social care for the elderly or university fees for students?

How can what is broken be fixed? Doing deals is not the way to restore a kingdom.

Any decisions which you and I make, are unlikely to have such far reaching consequences or affect so many people, but there is one decision which surpasses all others, make it a personal priority to ask God for the gift of His Holy Spirit. No deal is necessary, the Holy Spirit is a gift. Psalm 127 reminds us that restoration, whether it be as a kingdom, a city or a family, will never be successful if God is left out of our life.

God’s Kingdom is united because of the bond created by His Holy Spirit and it is his wisdom and the universality of the Gospel of Christ which offers peace and stability.

Be a part of that Kingdom, and pray that God will guide our politicians in His way.

Rev. Evan Ross (Retired)

Church of Scotland