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Helen Gordon
Helen Gordon

“When you give...”, “When you pray...”, “When you fast...” (Matthew ch.6 vs. 2, 5 and 16)

When I was in Suffolk recently, my granddaughter, Ella, age 9, asked if I would check her homework.

She had to pick out “the relative clauses” in six different sentences. Well, that took me back 60 years.

However, the teacher had given the class guidelines – “when you take away the relative clause, the sentence should be able to stand alone and still make sense”.

The Lord Jesus was a great teacher, who also gave guidelines. You will notice them in my Text for this week.

He said: “when you give, don’t let everyone know about it. Do it in secret. God, who sees everything, will reward you.

“When you pray, say “Our Father, who art in Heaven”. Acknowledge who God is, that He is a king building a kingdom and His name has to be respected. Having done that, we can then petition Him for our daily needs.

When you fast (or deny yourself something), don’t do it grudgingly or to show off to others. Just act normally. Only God really needs to know. He is the one who rewards you.

So, the Lord Jesus, who is the best teacher, instructs us about giving, praying and fasting.

Now, what is the relative clause in the previous sentence? Have you remembered the guidelines?

From Mrs Helen Gordon,

Olivet Evangelical Church, Falkirk.