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Pastor Ken Bleakley
Pastor Ken Bleakley

“It is time to seek the Lord” (Hosea 10 v12)

When I was 18, I remember someone celebrating their 40th birthday.

That seemed really old to me, and it would be ages before I would ever get to that stage.

Well, my 40th birthday has come and gone (along with my 50th!) and time is flying.

Where did Christmas go? Is it really 2016?

There’s a poem on a clock case in Chester Cathedral about this; it’s called Time’s Paces:

When I was a babe and wept and slept, time crept;

When I was a boy and laughed and talked, time walked,

Then when the years saw me a man, time ran.

But as I older grew, time flew.

Soon, as I journey on, I’ll find time gone.

May Christ have saved my soul, by then,


Time actually moves at the same rate for everyone. One hour is the same for the high-

powered businessman rushing to appointments as for an older person sitting at home watching the clock.

So make the most of your time. The Bible says a lot about this because the God of

Heaven is also the God of Time. He started the clock in the first place and He’ll stop it when He’s ready. “It is time to seek the Lord” is a very good piece of advice.

Whatever the time, seek Him, look for Him, go after Him. That’s the time it really is.

Well, I’ve got to finish now - my time is up!

Pastor Ken Bleakley,

Larbert Baptist Church