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Words from The Holy Bible
Words from The Holy Bible

Prepare a way for the Lord, Make his paths straight. (Luke 3,5)

How so? He’s already come surely? Isn’t that what we are getting ready to celebrate at this time of the

year? We like to celebrate significant birthdays, friends and family who have given us love, great ones who have benefitted humanity. We look back to the beginning of a life story, in this case a story that will

include us as adopted members of God’s family. Of course he has come but that is only the start.

He’s still coming, his Spirit is still working because there is still plenty of work to do.

Two ways. For each of us, redding out the rubbish and replacing it with his Spirit.

Wryly, we know that’s only too necessary. The other way is outwards, as far as our world.

Looking around, it’s not hard to see there is a lot needs done before we can see a kingdom of justice, love and peace. At first sight, the two ways seem to be in opposition, looking inward and outward. But they happen together. Anyway it is the Lord who does it.

We just have to clear his way – make his paths straight.

Fr Robert Hendrie,

St Luke’s RC Church, Banknock