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Fr Jamie Boyle
Fr Jamie Boyle

“I give thanks to Christ Jesus Our Lord, because he has counted me trustworthy in making me his minister.” (I Timothy:12)

Last week the Church of Scotland produced a video to encourage more men and women to consider a life in the ministry. Likewise, in the Catholic Church we are very much aware of the decline in the number of priests to serve our people and our parishes.

I was reflecting on this recently and I was reminded of the above scripture quote which I used on my Ordination Prayer cards.

As I approach the 12th anniversary of my ordination to the priesthood I do indeed thank Christ that he has chosen me and found me trustworthy to be his minister. I am certainly not perfect and I don’t always get things right, but I firmly believe that Christ has chosen me. Over the years I have been blessed in so many ways through my ministry and I hope that I have helped people to know God’s love and his presence in their lives, in the good times and the bad.

However, as we know God does not just work through priests and ministers, he calls on each and every one of us to be his ministers in the world of today.

Cardinal John Henry Newman reminds us that each of us has been given some work to do that has not been given to anyone else, the challenge for us is discover what that work is and carry out for the good of all people.

Fr Jamie Boyle,

St Francis Xavier, Falkirk