Text of the Week

Pastor John Rollo
Pastor John Rollo

‘As I was returning from Paddan, be to my sorrow Rachel died in the land of Canaan while we were still on the way.’ (Genesis 48:7)

Towards the end of his life, Jacob is reflecting on one of the most painful times of his life when his wife, Rachel, died giving birth to his son Benjamin.

A tragic moment which came unexpectedly. I was travelling recently when the weather interrupted some of the scheduled flights. Some were delayed, others were rerouted and some were cancelled.

For many travellers that night it was an inconvenience they could have done without, but it made me think of a far more serious picture of life which can throw up its own delays, detours and cancellations while we journey through the years.

In this painful moment Jacobs future changed.

You may be experiencing your own form of cancellation e.g. the loss of a job. Maybe where you dream of heading in life is taking longer than you thought or the route there has taken you a longer road than expected.

After Rachel’s death, Jacob names his son Benjamin, meaning, son of my fortune. His story reminds us that even through the most difficult delays, detours and cancellations, God can bring joy.

Youth Pastor John Rollo,

Larbert Pentecostal Church