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Martin Jones
Martin Jones

‘Godliness with contentment is great gain. We brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.’

Earthly life has a span whose length is between 0 and a little over 100 years.

The fact is we rarely think that everything in between is freely given to us; food, clothing, energy, family, friends, homes, etc. It’s God given for our use but it’s ‘on loan’ and will all be left behind when we die!

The Bible quotation tells us that.

There’s also a special gift we can receive from Almighty God – great gain; that’s the gift of salvation to spending eternity with God in heaven. Godliness speaks of a relationship and mindset for God himself; it produces a lifestyle that is pleasing to him; devotion to pursuing holiness of conduct, attitude, and thought.

It all begins by trusting in the freely offered salvation gift that one receives from the sin bearer, Jesus Christ; who willing died for us on the cross to save us and bring us to God.

It’s a moving away from one’s disobedient sinful life against God and others; starting a new life altogether.

The Bible calls it ‘spiritually born from above’.

It’s more than turning over a new leaf or a new year’s resolution but becoming a newly re-created person into GOD’S family.

A new Christ centred life begins with the focus on walking and obeying God.

True lasting contentment follows as one lives God’s way, being confident of His love and faithfulness no matter what situations, problems, difficulties, hurts or let downs come your way.

Martin Jones

Olivet Evangelical Church