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Rev. James Todd
Rev. James Todd
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Forgive your brother from your heart (Matthew 18:35)

Our Prime Minister, David Cameron, recently said that the action of Isis, in murdering an innocent man, was unforgivable. I can understand that comment.

Yet I believe that the only hope for the oppressed in Syria and Iraq is in learning to forgive by the power of Christ’s love.

I believe, that our only hope of real living is by learning to forgive those who have hurt us or harmed us through the love of Jesus, expressed on the Cross.

We all know His wonderful prayer as He suffered unjustly on the Cross: “Father, forgive them ...” It can be virtually impossible to forgive, humanly speaking, but there is grace for all of us to live a life free from bitterness and hatred and full of Christ’s love and peace.

Forgiving can be costly, but it is the only way of health and peace.

We must ask God and seek God and He will empower us to forgive from our hearts.

Rev. James Todd

Airth Parish Church