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Monsignor Philip Kerr
Monsignor Philip Kerr
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“Go into the main streets, and invite everyone you can find to the wedding banquet” (Mt 22:9)

As a Christian, I am all in favour of marriage, but I must confess to have mixed feelings about weddings, especially receptions.

And I am sure that for many of us there have been occasions when an invitation to a wedding is not completely good news.

Jesus told a story about a wedding reception.

What exactly was he trying to say in comparing this with God’s kingdom?

The image of marriage in the Scriptures is the chief image for the loving relationship of God with his people, a relationship which is permanent, irrevocable, unsurpassable, ever-faithful, life-giving.

The banquet to which many are invited portrays how all are called to be nourished in the relationship to which God is inviting us.

Yet we can ignore and positively reject this offer of God to have a relationship with him and act as if having a relationship with God is not good news.

What foolishness!

Mgr Philip Kerr

Parish Priest of St Anthony’s, Rumford, St Francis Xavier’s, Falkirk and St Mary of the Angels’ in Camelon