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Rev. Alec Shuttleworth
Rev. Alec Shuttleworth
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‘Go and do out thou likewise’ (Luke 10:37)

When I showed one boy at the BB camp this summer that if you peel a banana and then press hard enough on the end it always splits into three, suddenly all the boys wanted a banana.

Monkey see, monkey do, was one comment.

We do learn partly by imitating, by doing. By putting theory into practice.

Jesus was always very clear that is not enough just to be theoretical about your faith.

To have a belief that means anything at all means being prepared to do something about it.

This is made clear in the story of the Good Samaritan from which the text today comes.

A Priest and Levite passed by the man in trouble.

They were religious men. They knew all the theory about faith. The Samaritan put it into practice.

You can respond to all this in one of three ways. You can try pressing on the end of a banana to see if it is true, (remembering to peel it by first squeezing the non-stalk end like monkeys do).

Or you can try saying, this feeling I have that there must be a God, that I do believe, has got to have some practical consequence, and find ways to be loving.

Or, and this would be my advice, you could always do both.

Rev. Alec Shuttleworth

Tulliallan and Kincardine Parish Church