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The Holy Bible
The Holy Bible

Who do you say that I am? (Matthew, 16,16)

When Jesus asks, it is tempting to do like the disciples and shift the responsibility.

Oh, this one says this and that one says that and the next one says the next thing.

We can squirm a bit. Try the detached comment first.

He was obviously a good man and said a lot of fine things. A shame the authorities found him such a nuisance but isn’t that always the way?

A bit of a prophet, mind you.

He knew a thing or two. And he was one of those people who could see right through you, No use trying to fool him. Didn’t make him cynical though, or harsh with people who were struggling.

He kept that for the hard men, the exploiters, blasphemers who worked their evil in the name of God.

He was close to the real God too, always talking about his Father and how he wanted his world to be run, He still has lots of followers.

That’s nice and non-committal. It’s just that the Lord won’t let us off the hook so easily.

But at this moment can I answer, ‘You are...?’

Fr R. Hendrie,

St Luke’s, Banknock