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Rev. Andrew Randall
Rev. Andrew Randall

‘I will build my church...’ (Matthew )

On a recent trip to the US, I visited the preserved remains of a small village in New Hampshire which was once a thriving community of faith.

Today, with the last of the community dead, it’s a museum dedicated to the memory of something which has passed.

Here in the UK, we’re all familiar with the sight of old church buildings now empty or put to other uses.

In both cases there are many reasons for those developments.

On the other hand, both in the US and here in Scotland, there are also gatherings of God’s people which are vibrant and growing – where children, teenagers, men and women rejoice in the gospel and explore together what it means to follow Jesus Christ.

There is one simple reason for this: Jesus promised that he would build his church – people, not buildings – and that nothing would prevail against it. That promise stands.

What of your own life? Many of us once knew something of the things of God, but have lost it somewhere along the way. Is your life a monument to a faith now gone, or a living demonstration of a real relationship with God that brings joy, hope and ultimate victory?

Rev. Andrew Randall

Grace Church, Larbert