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Rev. Ruth Innes
Rev. Ruth Innes
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“Supposing him to be the gardener...” (John 20:15)

I love listening to Gardener’s Question Time on Radio 4.

You might not think this is unusual but if I told you that I don’t have a garden and wouldn’t know what to do with it if I had, you would be forgiven for thinking me a bit strange.

I like the programme because it is funny and wise and it makes me wish I did have a garden and time to grow beautiful plants and flowers. I have garden envy.

For me, gardens are where God is found.

Oh I know God is everywhere, but I think gardens are a special place for God. This week in the church’s calendar it is the Feast of Mary Magdalene.

You’ll remember she hung around the garden after Jesus was laid in the tomb, distraught and alone. Her heart was broken and she didn’t even recognize Jesus when he walked there.

So when you are cursing your garden this year, stop for a moment and wonder where God might be found in it.

Are you failing to recognise him because of your own anxiety? Look for him in the colours, the bees, the new growth. Seek and you will find.

Rev. Ruth Innes

Episcopalian Christ Church, Falkirk