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Helen Gordon
Helen Gordon

“Do not worry about what you will eat or wear - Your Heavenly Father knows you need them.” (Matthew ch. 6 vs. 25 -28)

As I walk into town, it is interesting to watch the KFC drive-thru’ take shape in the forecourt of the old Tesco store. We are now approaching recruitment and then tasting!

We have an abundance of food and clothes shops in Falkirk! My text this week says do not worry over what we eat or wear.

Why? Because God knows what we really need.

Jesus gives us two examples of things which have no concerns about their state. He speaks of the lilies which do not get in an anxious spin, yet are beautifully clothed.

Even King Solomon with all his splendour could not compete with their dress.

Concerning our food, Jesus says the birds of the air are fed by their Heavenly Father and are we not of more value than them? God will provide for us.

Jesus tells us to focus on something more important – to seek first God’s kingdom and all other things will be given as well. (v.33).

I hope you enjoy this text and eventually the KFC too! I’m sure when the drive-thru’ opens, the products will be as “finger lickin’ good” as Colonel Saunders intended!

Helen Gordon

Olivet Evangelical Church