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Fr John Deighan
Fr John Deighan

‘Cry out with toy to God all the earth, oh sing to the glory of His name’ (Psalm 65)

The drive from Falkirk up to Oban is beautiful, one of many such in Scotland.

It is not a journey I make often, but I had the pleasure of making it last week.

Even more unusually, I did not have any deadlines to meet or any timetable to keep to or any business to attend to.

It was just me in the driver’s seat and Brendel playing Schubert in the CD player – and let me tell you, in those two hours, I was thoroughly glad to be alive.

That simple gladness at and gratitude for the gift of life is precious; but it only emerges when we take the time to appreciate the gift, when we slow ourselves down to a saner pace.

The journey to Oban is beautiful; but not if we are driving too quickly or too relentlessly to take it in.

At school, they used to tell us “Stop, look and listen” – good advice for crossing the road, and perhaps even better advice for our lives in general.

Stop. Look. Listen.

Don’t miss out on the beauty of the journey.

Fr John Deignan

St Francis Xavier Church, Falkirk