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Rev. Michael Philip
Rev. Michael Philip
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‘He must become greater; I must become less.’ John 3:30 (NIV - Anglicised)

Words spoken by John the Baptist as Jesus appeared on the scene.

John knew what his job had been. He was to prepare the people for Jesus coming among them.

John was a mere human – like ourselves.

He was given a job to do – as were the followers of Jesus who came after him.

If John was to prepare people for Jesus coming, his followers were to tell others about the one who came.

In a few weeks time, I will be leaving Falkirk Bainsford Church and heading for retirement.

That does not mean that the message that the church in Bainsford proclaims will change – as others will still in many ways proclaim the love and forgiveness that Jesus can bring.

It is more like the relay runner handing over the baton for the next stage.

The goal is the same. The baton is carried by someone else.

Each runner in a relay race knows what their goal is.

As far as our lives are concerned, we all are heading to some sort of goal.

John knew what his goal in life was. Do you?

Rev. Michael Philip

Bainsford Parish Church