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Pastor Michael Rollo
Pastor Michael Rollo

‘When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Ps 11:3)

Every day we are exposed to bad news. Recently, the Malaysian Airways plane has vanished, South Korea has experienced a terrible ferry disaster, tornados are causing havoc in the USA, there is unrest in Eastern Ukraine, continued war in Syria and many Christians are being persecuted in Northern Nigeria and in various other countries.

I purposely mentioned Christians being persecuted because this is generally not mentioned in the secular news.

I also mention it because tragedy happens to all kinds of people in all walks of life, including believers.

This is because we live in a fallen world, where even “bad things happen to good people”.

In the New Testament, both Jesus and Paul address this very principle.

In the story of the wise and foolish builders for example, where one built on a foundation of sand, and the other on a foundation of rock, Jesus told us to build our lives in such a way that they will withstand storms.

So what can the righteous do? What can any of us do? We need to take the advice Jesus gave and build our lives in such a way as to withstand the storms of life.

I believe that means building our lives upon God’s Word (The Bible), and developing a relationship with Father God, who loves us, cares for us, and is capable of turning even bad experiences around for our good, and for His glory.

Pastor Michael Rollo

Larbert Pentcostal Church