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Rev Andrew Randall
Rev Andrew Randall

“And hope does not disappoint us.” (Romans 5:5)

Hope is the oxygen of the soul. Without it, we suffocate.

The question, then, is where we are to find a hope which does not let us down.

Many of us find our hope in the money we earn, the possessions we acquire, the ambitions we achieve.

Many of us sense instinctively that we must go further; that the real substance of life is not to be found in the things we own, but in the people we love.

We therefore look to our relationships for hope.

And yet even here, we are so often let down. Is there, then, anywhere we can look for a hope which we can be guaranteed will not disappoint us?

The bestselling New York pastor Tim Keller has described the God of the Bible as “the only Lord who, if you find him, can truly fulfil you; and, if you fail him, can truly forgive you.”

Other sources of hope cannot bear the weight we place upon them.

But God holds out to us a hope which is solid and guaranteed, based on his ultimate demonstration of his love for us in the cross of his Son. Trusting in him, we will never be disappointed.

Rev. Andrew Randall, Grace Church Larbert