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Richard Gordon
Richard Gordon

Any of you who does not give up everything he/she has, cannot be my disciple. (Luke 14:33)

These words of Jesus set an almost impossible high standard.

Does He really want His disciples to divest themselves of everything?

No - the context is ‘the cost of discipleship’. He does not want a shallow relationship with His disciples.

Anything that is an obstacle to it being a deep, meaningful relationship, must be rejected.

He himself has given us the example for this. Immanuel means God with us; someone whom we can get to know. This was what Christians were celebrating at Christmas.

Jesus chose to leave the glory of heaven and enter this world as a baby, being dependent on a mother’s love and care, growing up in obscurity in Nazareth and then paying the ultimate cost by dying on the cross for sinners.

He gave up the splendour and security of heaven so that He could become the Saviour.

You cannot ask for greater commitment than that and that is why He asks similar commitment from His disciples.

Why not enjoy that deep relationship with God in 2014?

Richard Gordon

Olivet Evangelical Church