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Fr John Deighan
Fr John Deighan

‘They were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, until the Flood came and swept them all away’ (Mt 24:38-9)

Christ compares the end of the world to the Flood in the story of Noah.

Was that what Catherine Belila meant when she said “I thought it was the end of the world”?

Did she mean the cataclysmic power of Typhoon Haiyan; or was she also thinking about how suddenly it cut short the lives of so many of her people?

Human endeavour can seem so futile in the face of such aimless destruction.

But Christ assures us this is not so. “Why, every hair on your head has been counted (Mt 10:30).”

God keeps a record of every single tear that falls to the ground (Psalm 55).

We have been reminded of the fragility of human life; now is also a good time to remind ourselves of the steadfastness of God.