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Pastor Ken Bleakley
Pastor Ken Bleakley

“Because your loving kindness is better than life, my lips shall praise you” (Psalm 63:3)

Language is a wonderful thing. How else can we communicate thoughts and information so effectively?

I was recently introduced to the wonders of the German language. They appear to have taken the use of words to a different level.

For example, the Germans have a new word to describe the urge to peek into boarded-up construction sites (honestly!) - BAGGERSPION (bagh-gher-shpee-ohn).

Apparently the nearest we can get in translation is ‘digger-truck spyhole’.

Here’s my favourite; the false sense of movement when you are looking out from a stationary train and see another train start to move - EISENBAHNSCEINBEWEGUNG in German (railway motion illusion to you and me).

We do this in English too. We have a special word for ‘mercy and compassion motivated by faithful love in action’. The word is ‘lovingkindness’ and its first appearance was in the Bible.

It’s an attempt to convey the wonderful dealings God has with his people, and as the Psalmist reminds us, it’s worth more than life itself.

How blessed we are to have such a great God to praise.

Ken Bleakley, Larbert Baptist Church