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Rev. Dr J Mary Henderson
Rev. Dr J Mary Henderson
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“The Word became a human being and lived among us, full of grace and truth” (John 1: 14)

Our local primary school has a ban on using the ‘C-word’ before December 1, a rule which I am more than happy to obey. Recently, however, an image was planted in my imagination which is so remarkable and transformative that, if there is even a grain of possible truth in it, can’t wait the six weeks until Advent.

Rev. Martin Lloyd Williams has looked with fresh eyes on a 15th Century painting by Andreas Mantegna which appears to show the infant Jesus as a child with Down’s Syndrome.

What if, what if, the almighty Creator of heaven and earth chose to become incarnate not as the strongest, cleverest, most perfect specimen of humanity?

Not a superman zooming to our rescue, but as someone with what we, supposedly ‘normal’ people, see as an imperfection, someone who evokes not our fear and awe, but our compassion and gentle caring?

What if, what if, God loves this world, and all her beautiful, broken people, that much? What if?

Rev. Dr J Mary Henderson,

Minister of Laurieston linked with Redding and Westquarter Church of Scotland