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Rev. Ruth Innes
Rev. Ruth Innes
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Jesus said: “Don’t be upset. Trust God, and trust me. There’s plenty room at my Parent’s house. I would have warned you otherwise. I’m going to make things ready for you. So I’ll come back to fetch you later. Then we shall all be together.” (John 14:1-3) from Good as New

This week I was planning a funeral for our beloved Joyce. Her husband, Walter, asked for the above reading for the service, but from an older bible in more traditional language. And there are times when that is right and fitting.

However, sometimes I like to look at different versions of the Bible because another translation can just catch me unawares and bring a familiar passage to life again.

‘There’s plenty room at my Parent’s house.’ This made me think of a sleep-over, a pyjama party!

Come on, Jesus would say to me, there’s plenty room round ours. And how welcoming that is.

And he goes on to tell us he’s getting things ready and will fetch us later ‘then we shall all be together’.

That is my hope and prayer. That one day we will rejoice with the angels in heaven. That one day Walter will see Joyce again.

Rev Ruth Innes, Christ Church Falkirk