Text of the Week

Helen Gordon
Helen Gordon

‘O God, put thou my tears into thy bottle.’ (Psalm 56 v. 8 (KJV))

Tears - Last week I answered the telephone to someone, who after a little conversation, began to cry.

Everyone sheds tears. If I am watching television with my grandchildren, they look at me at the end and ask “are these happy tears, gran?”

Whether they are sad or happy, God has given them to us to show our feelings – often to ourselves, but also so that others may realise that something is happening within us.

They then can ask themselves “can we share in the joy or does the ‘shedder’ need some care?”.

This text of the week suggests that God has all our tears in a bottle showing that He sees and gathers each one.

He cares about our needs. You may be shedding tears right now or have cried a bit during this week.

Let me tell you about another text.

Rev. 21 v. 4 “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes – there shall be no more crying.”

Tears in a bottle – doesn’t this give a whole new dimension to bottled water, not laced with strawberry, lemon or quinine, but with our feelings.

One day God will be the one to empty the bottle and dry our tears.