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Pastor Michael Rollo
Pastor Michael Rollo

‘... another generation grew up, who knew neither the Lord nor what he had done for Israel.’ (Judges 2:10)

Recently I preached from this text, comparing the spiritual condition of the “post Joshua generation” with the current spiritual condition of Scotland.

My upbringing in rural Aberdeenshire over 50 years ago was vastly different from today’s typical upbringing in an increasingly-secular Scotland.

In my childhood, the Lord’s Prayer was said in the classroom, and Christian hymns and Biblical stories were taught in school.

This was further re-enforced, upon joining the Boys’ Brigade.

My parents took me to Church, as opposed to sending me, and I subsequently became a member.

Afterwards I had a conversion experience which brought alive what I had been taught. Christian values pervaded our society then, along with a clear Biblical understanding of right and wrong.

This is changing in post modern Scotland.

I am passionate about our Nation, but am more passionate about God’s honour.

God’s Word is eternal and our departure from it will undoubtedly result in reaping the same havoc experienced by the people in Judges.

Thankfully they eventually cried to God, who showed mercy, although it wasn’t an easy ride.

My prayer is that nationally and individually, we will get to know God, and appreciate what He has done for us.