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Helen Gordon
Helen Gordon

“As I walked around I found an altar with this inscription TO AN UNKNOWN GOD” (Acts ch.17 v.23.)

Can you remember the registration number of your very first car? Mine was JSX 16X.

Maybe you have a record of all your car numbers! At present our registration is OGD.

Every time I see these letters as I return to my parked car, it reminds me of mixed-up GOD.

We can so easily get Him mixed up; but to us He can also be unknown.

When the apostle Paul visited Athens he saw an inscription TO AN UNKNOWN GOD, so he began to explain to the Athenians who God really is.

He is the creator; He does not play hide and seek with us – we can find Him; and He is not remote – He is near, giving us breath and life. In Acts ch. 17 we read about the reaction Paul received.

Some made jokes; others said “let’s hear more”; but to some He ceased being an unknown God as they started to believe in Him.

I began with a question! Here’s another one: Is your conception of God a bit mixed-up; to you is He still unknown? Why not try and find Him?

He is not far from each one of us.

Mrs Helen Gordon, Olivet Evangelical Church