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Rev. Michael Philip
Rev. Michael Philip

Love your neighbour as yourself. (Luke 10:25 -37)

The New Year is not very old yet, but I wonder how many New Year Resolutions now lie in tatters.

If we are honest with ourselves, we can see areas our lives that either we know we could improve, but if we can’t our friends and families will see them.

The man who came to Jesus looking for advice on how he could improve his life probably thought he was not doing too badly. Not that Jesus did not bother going through a checklist with him to see where he was, nor did he

give him some vague theoretical instruction about love and care.

Jesus told him a story about an unfortunate person who was mugged and who helped him.

After he has told the story he gets the man to tell Jesus who the victim’s neighbour was, and it wasn’t the man he would have expected. The Jews and Samaritans had a mutual loathing of each other.

Yet it was a Samaritan in the story, not the Jewish minister who came to the person’s aid.

The challenge to the man, and to us is ‘go and do likewise’.

Have we learned to love our neighbour as ourselves yet? Wishing you all God’s blessing in the coming year

Rev. Michael Philip, Bainsford Parish Church