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Rev James Todd
Rev James Todd
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“The journey is too much for you,” (1 Kings 19: 7)

God’s spokesman, Elijah the prophet, had just won a great victory over the religious and moral evils of his day. But, gaining that victory had stretched him to his mental and emotional limits.

And now he was exhausted, done, over strained.

God spoke to Elijah and said to him, “the journey is too much for you”. In effect, God said, “Elijah, you need a rest; you need to take time off; you don’t need to carry the world on your shoulders (I carry the world, not you) so rest.”

We, too, get over tired and over strained at times. The only cure is to cease from as much as possible and to rest in the arms of God. After all, He might just manage to keep the world “ticking over” for a while, without our Herculean efforts to help Him out! Remember the lines:“Let go and let God have His wonderful way,let go and let God have His way; your burdens will vanish, your night turn to day, let go and let God have His way!”

Rev Jim Todd, Airth Parish Church