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Rev. Norman Mackay
Rev. Norman Mackay
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‘Man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgement.’ (Hebrews Chapter 9 v 27)

Society has erected complex judicial structures comprising of laws, judges and penal establishments. At the root of their existence lie the convictions that wrongdoing should be addressed, that evil acts deserve condemnation and that the guilty should be punished. Conversely, the idea of a miscarriage of justice is something that causes most of us to experience differing levels of moral outrage. When justice wins out we applaud. When it is denied we are perplexed.

Even a child instinctively cries out “That’s not fair!” when fairness is thought to be denied.

When people hear of God’s final day of judgement they often react violently against the notion.

What causes us to recoil from justice then when we cry out for it now?

The Bible’s diagnosis is that as moral agents we are equally conscious of our guilt. Our greatest need, therefore, is not for a lawyer but a saviour who can satisfy the demands of justice, yet take our guilt away.

Rev. Norman Mackay, Falkirk Free Church