Teenage years are catching up with me

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I have never usually been classed as your usual stereotypical ‘teenager’.

I’ve always been the one to stay as youthful as I can, or at least I’ve tried.

Now though, after reaching the grand old age of 17, I feel that I’ve completely moulded to the social conformities that surround the word “teenager”.

I came to this shock realisation just the other morning there, when, much to my surprise, I rose from my humble abode, i.e. my bed at around 12 o’clock in the afternoon.

I’m sure that to those of you reading this column who have teenage children at home this time of waking up may be a regular occurrence and may be just the norm.

But I can safely say that for me and for my family, this was pretty much spectacular.

I’ve never really been one to sleep until what is generally classified as the afternoon, but I have started to notice a recurring pattern: that I can sleep, absolutely no problem at all, for more than 12 hours at a time.

Great for me, not so great for my mother and my father who are desperate to get on with the hoovering.

Also, I’ve recently noticed that I’ve started to eat literally everything I can find in the house.

Do you think I’m joking?

The fact is that I got to the stage last week when I took a full box of breadsticks into school as part of my already massive lunch just in case I got a bit more peckish.

In my house, I am rightly known as the ‘Biscuit Queen’.

And, when I am at my boyfriend’s house, I’m really a godsend because I eat everything that’s put in front of me.

It’s very fortunate for me that I am so sporty.

But there are also other things that I have noticed recently.

My mood swings are increasing at a rapid rate, I am able to slob about for literally hours on end, and I becoming increasingly addicted to the Internet.

So now, I think it’s safe to say that I am most definitely a teenager.

And, after five years of actually being one, I can now admit this fact to myself.