Technology advances leave me in a tizzy

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

Seems like every time I get to grips with the latest form of technology, there is a new one waiting in the wings to confused me all over again.

Back when I started working in an office, everything was done on a typewriter and the only technical problem you could run into was your ribbon getting tangled or a key needing replaced.

Then we moved to word processors, which were a marvel and I was over the moon that my careless typing could be fixed with a delete key on the screen instead of correction fluid, or if my supervisor caught me, starting the document all over again.

Next we had PCs installed and had Word and Excel to contend with, followed swiftly by email and now my office has Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Linkedin accounts that all the staff are expected to use.

I’m not the best with modern technology and it seems to take me a lot longer than my colleagues to get to understand how these programmes work.

With having to deal with all this at work, when at home I like to leave the laptop powered down - unless I’m indulging in a little online retail therapy or having a nosey on Facebook.

A friend was round for a glass of wine at the weekend and she kept picking up her smart phone having a quick scroll. After the tenth time looking at the blasted thing in the space of two hours, I had to say something but it turned out she was in the middle or arranging a date.

She told me about this new dating site that is all the rage called Tinder. It basically makes it more difficult for the user to give fake photos and information and there’s no chance of rejection as you can only speak to the people that have already declared an interest in you.

She’s met a couple of men on the site and was trying to convince me to sign up too.

I don’t think I’m ready to take my love life into cyber space just yet.

But I read multi-millionaire businesswoman Michelle Mone is now considering Tinder, so if it’s good enough for her - maybe I’ll soon follow suit!