Tale of the century is a welcoming one

1912 in Bathgate
1912 in Bathgate

Around about this time in the year 1912, news headlines across the globe reported the demise of an unsinkable ship.

There was immense shock as people wondered how the mighty Titanic could flounder.

But back in 2014, if you visit 1912, you’ll discover a very buoyant business.

Less than a year old, this cafe bar, named after the year the building was erected, is a popular spot for several reasons.

It boasts a cool, two-level interior, an extensive drinks menu, good food and live entertainment.

Whether it’s one of these factors or the fact that it’s a new business, 1912 is pulling them in. Accompanied by photographer Lisa McPhillips, I nipped along to sample what was going on to keep 1912 busy from morning to night.

This cafe bar has worked extremely hard to create a laid-back, welcoming atmosphere.

This is something it’s certainly achieved; once you’re inside it’s a difficult place to leave.

It’s a cafe, so you won’t find the starter-main-dessert format on the food menu.

The choice, if not extensive, is refreshing.

We had the delightful chicken tempura and long and skinny mozzarella melts, very moreish and tasty.

The burger section is clearly something 1912 is proud of and happy to push.

In general, I’m not normally a burger fan, but these tall-standing burgers are meaty monsters, packed with attitude and flavour and most people were tucking into one.

Sadly, I’m not a big salad fan either, a fact lamented by my waistline, but I’d order the chicken and bacon caesar again in a second. It was the tastiest and most filling salad I’ve had, with lovely large pieces of succulent chicken and bacon.

I also enjoyed the crushed potatoes, the ribs and wings, and the nachos – by then, I think I was heavy enough to sink a ship myself.

But there’s more going on than just the food.

Owner David Stein says his focus is customer service, something he feels is a non-negotiable. He’ll happily crouch down for a natter, and his staff are friendly, smartly-dressed and discreet.

Another plus is the drinks menu, featuring everything from a crisp Moretti lager and red, rose and white wine to champagne, cocktails, whiskies and liqueurs. It does mean there’s plenty to sip on for the live music at weekends.

In 2014, it’s all looking like a comfortable voyage for 1912.