Taking up space at the supermarket

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A visit to the supermarket in Denny on Saturday evening revived an old bugbear of mine.

I was accompanied by my three-year-old son who, thankfully, still sees such trips as an adventure and something to be enjoyed rather than endured.

As well as giving his mum a few minutes’ peace, taking him along has the added bonus of guaranteeing me a parking space near the door – or not as the case may be.

Once again, all the parent and child berths were filled ... and there seemed to be a distinct lack of baby or booster seats in the rear of the cars occupying them.

Returning after my bout of shopping, my suspicions were confirmed when I saw a couple make their way back to one of the aforementioned vehicles with no child to be seen.

The issue of people parking in disabled spaces has been raised often in our pages and is a difficult one.

After all, there can be many reasons why someone is entitled to a blue badge and it may not be immediately obvious to an onlooker.

But that problem doesn’t exist when it comes to parent and child spaces.

People abusing the system are threatened with £50 fines but I’ve never heard of one being implemented.

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