Taking hard stance at our school gates

Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong
Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong

It won’t have escaped readers attention that local officers took action last week against those drivers who park inconsiderately around schools during the start and end of the school day.

Despite previous appeals for drivers to adhere to the road markings, it is a problem that won’t go away.

Some drivers continually flout traffic restrictions to shorten the distance they have to walk to the school gates or the time it takes them to drop off and pick up.

What is very disappointing is that all the previous engagement with drivers at the school gates, including information and activity by their own children, has failed to change attitudes.

The safety of children attending school is paramount and inconsiderate parking can and has led to accidents and injury in the past.

I have met with numerous local councillors and concerned teaching staff who have co-ordinated railing signage and parent and carer newsletter information.

I have also received letters from concerned residents.

Yet all of our efforts to date have not reduced the situation or danger it poses.

That is why enforcement activity will continue. Any inconsiderate or dangerous parking will not be tolerated and drivers will be reported.