Take some time to enjoy the moment

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I can scarcely believe it’s March already.

Was it not just Christmas? Was I not just hitting the gym three times a week as part of my typical January charade?

Indeed time does fly. And it’s not just the months, it’s the years.

During this year’s Brits music awards, I got a disturbing reminder of a disco I attended as a teenager.

Hearing Blur singing ‘Girls and Boys’ last week transported me to 1997 and a church hall where my classmates had gathered for a party.

I was sitting frowning in a corner watching the boys jump up and down with their arms by their side as Damon Albarn groaned on.

Didn’t like it 15 years ago and couldn’t believe the live version got air time in 2012.

However, it made me think about where time had gone between then and now.

I suspect it’s the same for everyone when a song, a place or an anniversary takes you back to a age when everything was different.

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking to three lovely local couples who were celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary.

I have been married for six years - they have been married for 60.

It’s difficult to fully appreciate such a long period of time, and maybe I have been too flippant in the past when I’ve asked couples to give me a “quick run through” of their life together.

Fact is there’s just never enough time to really get a true picture of something so amazing as an entire life.

Rushing around is now such a part of daily life, no wonder the time flies.

Maybe if we all slowed down and took the time to enjoy the moment, the clock might not tick as quick.