Take responsibility for your actions

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In the news this week was the story of an American-Indian tribe who are suing the makers of their favourite beers.

The community is attempting to blame the brewers of lagers including Bud, Miller and Coors for their alcohol problem. The Oglala Sioux Tribe, who live in a reservation in Nebraska, are asking for $500 million for healthcare, social services and child rehabilitation.

The area has the lowest life expectancy in the US and one in four children are born with problems associated with booze, despite the reservation banning the sale of alcohol.

So the tribe are blaming the brewers for their problems and for letting vast quantities of alcohol be sold just over the reservation border.

Do they really think this is the fault of the brewers? It’s as poorly thought out as the parents who blame their child’s obesity on McDonalds fast food.

Or the people that blame drug problems in communities on dealers.

It’s a reflection of the society we live in that we blame everyone but ourselves.

If you have an accident, you can phone a lawyer and get compensation from the council for letting a paving stone be loose instead of blaming yourself for not watching where you were going.

Teacher friends of mine say they increasingly have parents contacting them about their children’s report cards, querying why they were not marked higher, instead of accepting the professional is probably in the right.

But, if the tribe can sue the brewers, it got me thinking about a case of my own I may take up.

I’m going to sue the Howgate for being the reason I have no money by the end of every month!