Take Note: The sweet smell of success

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Spare a thought, as you cash your giro, for Calvin Harris. Not only has he split from Taylor Swift, his earnings are down to a mere £50.8m. However, the Dumfries-born knob-twiddler is still the highest-paid DJ in the world – making more per annum than Tony Blackburn and Simon Bates combined.

Of course, the recession has hit hard across society. Michael Buble, to make ends meet, has created a fragrance. He’s launching it via a Facebook gig, which suggests that not only is Satan among us, he’s VP of Blue Sky 
Thinking at Sony Music.

You might be forgiven for thinking that late soul star Marvin Gaye was short of cash, and indeed, still alive. His estate were awarded $7m from ‘Blurred Lines’ creators Robin Thicke and Pharrell, with the the pair now appealing the verdict. Over 200 musicians as diverse as R. Kelly and Linkin Park have come out in support.

However, the descendants of Gaye’s co-writer Ed Townsend have trained their lawyers on poor wee Ed Sheeran, who was 
already in trouble for 
‘Photograph’ containing the “essence” of a song sung by X Factor 
winner Matt Cardle. But like most of these sound-a-like suits, there’s definitely the essence of something around, and it’s not Bolton.

Meanwhile, impoverished musicians the world over will be wondering why they didn’t take their parents’ advice and pursue a career as a lawyer.

Or a superstar DJ.