Take Note: Mind your manners please

Injuries at music concerts could soon be on the increase.

That might sounds like a threat... but no, it’s not over-enthusiastic moshing I’m talking about, or even the dangers of flying beer glasses filled with something that tastes a bit like lager. In fact, serious damage could soon be inflicted by irate performers on their own audience – with their own smartphones.

As usual, Adele is at the heart of the trouble, stopping a show to admonish a fan from filming the gig and suggesting they might “enjoy it in real life”. Meanwhile, rap supergroup Prophets of Rage actually ‘confiscate’ phones for the duration of the gig.

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But aside from out-of-time and tuneless singing along with the musicians (I blame Ringo Starr) the biggest breach of gig etiquette must be idle chatter – partly because the whole talking-at-gigs thing is such a mystery. Why would you pay anything up to £100 a head to go and see a band and then chat all the way through when you could reunite with those pals in a local pub for considerably less expense – and less distress to those around you, and with less risk to your person.

In fact, you could call them. Assuming your phone is still working after Adele has finished with it...

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