Take Note: If Marvel and DC did festivals...

Dawn Renton
Dawn Renton

Supergroups have been done haven’t they? Some worked and some well, not so much.

But hold the bus. Now we have a super concert. Oh yes, musical giants all under one roof – or, in this case, at least under the same bit of sky.

If the rumours are to be believed, and the Who’s Roger Daltry has confimed as much (and he wouldn’t lie, would he?), organisers of the Coachella Festival in California have announced plans to put on a three-day mega-festival with just two headline acts per night.

Is that it, I hear you cry? Oh, but there is more, just wait.

We have Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney on the first night (Okay, I won’t be rushing to see McCartney), the Rolling Stones and Neil Young on the second, and the Who and Roger Waters on the third.

According to early reports, each of the acts will play with their full stage production.

This is something I would sell a vital organ for – and even my own mother thrown in for free. But as always with something that is good, there has to be a downside: The cost of the tickets.

No figure has been released at the the moment, but you could bet your bottom dollar it ain’t going to be cheap. And then there is the travel to get there from Blighty... a girl can dream.