Take Note: How do they manage?

Rich beyond her wildest dreams? That's Adele, now one of the most expensive musicians on this planet.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 12th June 2016, 3:42 pm
Stuart McHugh
Stuart McHugh

Her £90 million contract sees the Cockernee superstar usurp Robbie Williams – generously awarded £80m back in 2002. Quite what the former Take That ‘fat dancer’ spent his cash on is unclear, but Adele will probably take full advantage of the new ISA rules. She’s famously down to earth, her demands modest – her pre-gig rider a jar of jellied eels.

Maybe just as well. George Michael went on strike while at Sony, and Prince famously described his time at Warner as “professional slavery” – even writing it on his cheek.

Managers are supposed to, well, manage, leaving the artists to continue to caterwaul at an audience of millions. Though Brian Epstein offered The Beatles £50 per week – for life.

The lesson is simple: check the small print. One contract covered releases worldwide, plus “the Solar System” – a little under-ambitious given the progress of Voyager 1. Mind you, the same impresario sent a teddy bear dressed as Robin Hood to clinch Soft Cell’s record deal. Adele should be aware – not every record executive is quite as cuddly ...