Take Note: Hopes for a celeb-friendly 2017

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Looking back, my first column of 2016 roundly chastised the previous year for its carefree attitude to famous popsters, with Lemmy AND Val Doonican being taken from us in a 2015 wave of celebricide.

The next 12 months roundly mocked my lily-livered protestations.

So instead let’s look at the positives. What better way to welcome the New Year than watching diva Mariah Carey spearhead the Milli Vanilli revival by lip-syncing at the New York NYE party. You could almost feel sorry for her being landed not only with a non-functioning earpiece, but a microphone that clashed 
horribly with her frock due to not having nearly enough diamonds on it.

There’s plenty to look forward to – that is, 
according to the ‘experts’ (who I thought we’d had enough of?). 170 of them say urban act Ray BLK will be the Next Big Thing.

But for all the ‘tastemakers’, 2016’s poll failed to spot last year’s breakthrough artist – a fresh-faced fellow called Bradley Walsh. The Chase presenter’s Robbie-style set of jazz covers (sorry, ‘standards’) was the top-selling debut album (and the 7th-best seller of the year, outstripping Alexander Armstrong, Pikachu and Miss Marple, probably).

So what does 2017 have in store? All bets are off. Though if Donald Trump is Top of the Pops, it would be no great