Take Note: Final countdown for EU and me

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Europop. The very term conjures up visions of horrendous cheesey tunes.

And yes, for every Kraftwerk there’s a Final Countdown, and Abba has to be balanced against Barbie Girl.

However, the Brexit result has much deeper ramifications. For example, if Phil Collins has his Swiss cottage repossessed he may come back to the UK to work.

But musicians are fearing a Europe which will become harder to sell records to and harder still to tour. Open borders have made playing gigs on the continent easier; now it could cost £2000 a year for an equipment licence, to say nothing of the visa costs. Up until Brexit, Brussels made all this red tape disappear.

And while we have to suffer the odd Aqua or Whigfield, UK acts sell massively in Europe. Indeed, music made up five per cent of the UK’s own economy last year, outperforming everything else.

That no-one thought of all this comes as no great surprise of course – the Leave campaign concert was to be what’s left of Bucks Fizz and an Elvis impersonator. It’s likely the leaders spend their time listening to Mahler. Or if that’s too ‘European’ for you, Skrewdriver.

So as we wave goodbye to the EU, the UK music industry could be heading over the horizon with it. What did Europe ever do for us? Where do I start?